Building Service: The Complete Guide to House Extensions

House Extension are the exciting investment for the house owners. This unique service not only improves the curb appeal of the property but also gives additional space to the building. Well, the house extension has become popular in these days, which is considered the best option. This is the cost-effective way to extend your building and bring the unique home improvement. The first decision is to plan how much extension you required for your building. We at Europa will provide several standard packages available for the home extensions. You can choose the best according to your building needs. We will give the high-quality home improvement services with reasonable cost.



I would definitely recommend Khurram and his team. Very friendly, worked to a good standard and finish and well priced. kept me up to date about the project. gave me a nice and clean house.


Uxbridge – 04/05/2015


I’m really very excited to see devotion and dedication of Europa team. They have finished our rear extension and kitchen installation in just 6 weeks. I already have recommended them to my friends and family. I will definitely use them again.


North London – 01/02/2017

Explore the Unique Home Extension Standards

British Standards- Our standard home extension will bring international quality or conversion to your building. Our professionals will evaluate your house attentively and give you a proper extension solution immediately. We will plan the conversion and extend the building according to your need. Whether your building is double storey or a single storey, Europa will give you a unique home extension as per international standard. This is cost effective way to improve your living and Europa will bring the highest level of home improvement for the homeowners.

Building Surveyor- Our technicians’ team will visit your home and inspect your property efficiently. Our certified experts will give you a proper home extension service immediately. We understand your need and accordingly extend your home and give the latest solution for the home improvement. We will figure out the house extension cost and give the estimated quote to the homeowners. The conversion specialists will give you the exclusive idea about the home extension.

Architects- Europa offers certified architects to evaluate your building and they will give you a right design for your home. We will give the unique design and will improve the architecture of your home with their brilliant design. You can trust on us to get an amazing design for your home.

Structural Engineer- Our professional will play a vital role during the time of the home improvement. We will inspect the house and provide you the best design and construction solution. This will help you to bring the unique home improvement solution immediately.

Health and Safety- is the home extension service provider will take another precautionary step. We will make sure to provide hygienic atmosphere and extend your home without any kinds of hassles. During the construction process, we will take the precautionary options of doing all the construction services safely. They will take care of the home construction process and do all kinds of home improvement services with unique standards.

Building a house extension can bring exciting moments to the homeowners. You can hire the Europa for the best improvement result. Before starting the project, our surveyor will inspect and evaluate your building and extend the house with exclusive design. We are efficient in creating extra spaces in the building with their extensive home extension services. Your attic would be a major part to extend the extra space in your building. Experience the wonderful extension services with affordable cost. Europa understand the requirements of the homeowners and accordingly serve them the best and unique. Join the site to know more about the Home Extension Services.

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