Announcing... The Latest Modular Off-Site Light Steel Framing Precision Technology as Used by the World’s Leading High End Hotel and Skyscraper Developers

Say Hello to 3 Week Complete Loft Installs and 4 Week Back Extensions

As an architect, I expect builders to provide quality, consistency and speed, and what I received from the team was all of these.


Peter S – Architect 

After over 6 years of development, 1000s of man hours and over a half a million pound of investment, we’re happy to announce that our exclusive Off-Site Modular Loft Conversions and Home Extensions Light Steel Framing Construction System is ready for action.


So if you’re looking for a professional building company that not only specialises in lofts and extensions but uses the latest in innovation and creativity, to give you even more value, then you’ve come to the right place….

What’s the Big Idea?

The magic begins in our dedicated, state of the art workshop where the structural panels for your loft or extension are produced and assembled by our fully trained and experienced technicians – meaning that up to 80% of the mess and noise remain here and never enter your home.

But wait, it gets better…

Your pod loft or rear extension will also be constructed in our workshop – including 1st fix electrics and plumbing; insulation; plaster-boading; bathroom installed and tiled; and flat roof finished in single ply.

So after just 21 days on site for a loft and 4 weeks for a back extension, you’ll be ready to call in the painters.


#Less Mess;More Speed; Less Stress

You Also Get a New Roof with Your Loft…

And as standard you’ll get a brand new roof section.

The Off-Site Modular Light Steel Framing Construction System we’ve adopted, adapted and finessed is the very same one being used to build and construct the world’s most technically advanced buildings.


And with over 3 million square metres of the roofing system we use having been installed without a single recorded product failure, you know we’re serious about sourcing and implementing the world’s best and innovative systems and practices; and in turn helping you provide the best for you and your loved ones.

“Off-Site Construction has been described as “a sophisticated and modern answer to our housing needs.”

12 Reasons why the our exclusive Light Steel Framing System is Revolutionising Loft Conversion and Back Extension Construction in the UK.


1- Accuracy and Precision – Computer Aided Design

2- Off-Site Modular Construction

3- Rapid Installation

4- Increase Head Room

5- New Roof Section

6- Less Trades on Site

7- Higher Quality Finish

8- Environmentally Friendly – Recycled material; less CO2 & sustainably sourced

9- Fully compliant with current Building Regulations

10- Innovative roofing solutions


11- Ten Years Warranty

12- #RealPeaceOfMind

So if you’re thinking about getting your loft converted, or having an extension built- not only to increase space but to improve your lifestyle – you probably have a lot of questions on your mind.

Well, we’ve helped other home owners – probably just like you – to get the right answers to their questions and eventually to get the right consultation, design ,planning and installation for their home.

And we’re confident we can help you. And if you’re thinking that your circumstance is unusually unique, you’re probably right. However, that’s what we’re here for. To consult and advise you. And above all else, to help you get the information you require to make informed decisions.

How to Get Started:

1. A FREE site audit, consultation and quote – no obligations. Would suit you if you are ready to start your project and looking for the best company.


2. A telephone consultation – also free and without obligations. Would suit you if you’re not quite ready and need some expert advice.

“James and I are delighted with the work Simply Loft has carried out on our property. The finish was excellent and we were very happy with the service provided by the management team. Were particularly pleased with the after-sales service Simply Loft provides and have found them to be very good at adhering to their 10 year Guarantee. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Simply Loft to our friends and family.”



Amy & James

Home Owner – North London

“A pleasure to work with. All the workers worked very hard and were courteous and considerate in both how they worked and things like noise and where they smoked etc. High standard of work throughout. “


Rob, Kate

Home Owner – Hammersmith

I was very impressed with the construction team who worked hard and fast and were very pleasant to deal with. I am most impressed with the reconstruction of the kitchen ceiling / roof and the incorporation of the velux windows. It has totally transformed the hub of our home!



John, Tamsin

Home Owner – South West London

2 Easy Ways to Get Started With Us..

Request a Site Audit and Quote - No Obligations

If your situation is that you are ready to move forward with your project and now would like an idea of costings, we’re here to help you.

Click here to book an appointment for a surveyor to come and do a site audit and prepare a quote for you. No obligations.

Request a Telephone Consultation - No Obligations

If you’re thinking about getting your loft converted, or having an extension built- not only to increase space but to improve your lifestyle – you probably have a lot of questions on your mind. We’re here to help. Go here to schedule your telephone consultation.

Proudly Serving West London including Ealing, Acton, Northfields, Hanwell, Chiswick, Shepherds Bush, and West Kensington; Hillingdon, including Ickenham Ruislip, Eastcote, Northwood Hills & Pinner; Buckinghamshire, including Gerrards Cross, Beaconsfield, New Denham and Rickmansworth

Frequently Asked Questions

Modular Plus uses light gauge steel frame technology to engineer walls floors roofs into frame finished components. The studs and joists are rolled on machines to give high strength galvanised profiles that are then mechanically fixed together to form walls and joist cassettes that whilst strong are easily handled on site.

This same technology is British Research Establishment approved for construction throughout the UK and Europe and indeed the same technology is used throughout the world for residential, commercial and industrial buildings.

Modular Plus can be finished to whatever level the client requires both internally and externally with finishes for any local environment..

Modular Plus uses light gauge steel frame with a galvanized coating of G275 g/m². Protection from steel corrosion is by sacrificial loss of zinc coating.

No attention is needed at factory cut ends, punched holes or penetrations via self tapping screws or other fixings.

A minimum 60 year design life is expected for most buildings and a design life over 200 years can be achieved with “warm frame” construction.

Modular Plus can have as much insulation as a client requires or a building code requires. The cavity between studs can be filled with mineral fibre insulation and additional rigid insulation can be fitted to the outside as a backing to the final cladding. Can be adapted to suit any U-value required.

The thermal efficiency of the construction ensures that when it is cold outside of the dwelling heat is retained inside the dwelling and when it is hot outside of the dwelling a cool interior can be maintained.

A thermally efficient building reduces running costs of both heating and cooling and also reduces the drain on national power services.

There are two ways of achieving acoustic separation. One is heavy mass such as bricks and blocks or concrete and the other is having lots of different lightweight layers with different acoustic absorbent properties.

Modular Plus uses lightweight materials designed together to provide the best acoustic separation tailored to the required use of the building. Boards and quilts as well as cavities are combined to give acoustic separation in relatively thin walls compared with masonry walls.

The ability to produce high acoustic values in thinner walls directly translates into lower square area of building and therefore lower overall cost or alternatively for the same cost of building more useable space.

Modular Plus not only uses materials that are none combustible but designs those materials so that in the completed wall or floor combination they give tested and proven fire separation of spaces.

By using this expertise if in the unfortunate event of a fire starting within the contents of a building the materials of the construction do not add to the conflagration. This not only reduces the potential damage to the structure but also starves the fire of material which in turn allows means of escape routes to remain useable for longer.

The protection of the structure and its integrity not only protects the occupants but also provides greater safety for the fire services when attending a house fire.

  • This typical wall makeup can be adapted to achieve any U-value a client would wish to achieve.
  • The outside finish can be changed to suit a rendered finish or a weatherboard finish.


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